Passiflora incarnata (Purple), Krishana Kamal – Plant


Passionflower is best for trellises, arbors, walls, or fences. It has a unique flower shape and fragrant.



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Passiflora incarnata (Purple), Krishana Kamal Plant
5 inch Grower Round Plastic Pot (Black)

Description for Passiflora incarnata (Purple), Krishana Kamal
Plant height: 5 – 9 inches
Plant spread: 4 – 6 inches
Interesting Fact: The interesting thing about this plant is that

It is believed with reference of Hindu epic Mahabharata that :

There are about 100 of blue petals – one for each of the Kauravas.
5 of the yellow ones in the centre – one for each of the Pandavas.
The green bulb in the centre symbolises Draupadi, the queen of Pandava.

The three filaments are for the holy trinity of Brahma-Vishnu-Shiv and the radial in the centre is the Sudarshan chakra of Lord Krishna. Passiflora incarnata is a rapid-growing, tendril-climbing vine which is woody in warm winter climates and herbaceous (dies to the ground) in cold winter climates. Features three-lobed, dark green leaves and showy, 2.5″ diameter, fringed flowers having white or purple petals and sepals and a central crown of pinkish-purple filaments. Flowers bloom in summer and are fragrant. Fleshy, egg-shaped, edible fruits called maypops appear in July and mature to a yellowish color in fall.

Common name(s): Passion Flower, Purple passionflower, Apricot Vine, Maypop, Wild Passion Flower, Purple Pa
Flower colours: Purple
Bloom time: Summer
Max reachable height: Up to 8 feet
Difficulty to grow: Easy to grow


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