Money Plant Green

Evergreen Vine

The Money plant (Pothos) is easy to grow climber plant. Scientific name is an evergreen vine



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Money Plant, Scindapsus (Green) Plant
6 inch Nursery Pot
Description for Money Plant, Scindapsus (Green)
Plant height: 6 – 10 inches
Plant spread: 4 – 8 inches
Interesting Fact:This plant is also known as Devils vine as the plant is hard or nearly impossible to kill.

Epipremnum aureum is the scientific name of this plant. Scindapsus aureus is an indoor climbing, hanging, or trailing plant. It is a striking plant with fleshy, gold-splashed, green foliage which is typically heart-shaped, but often oval. There are plain green leaved varieties from which this particular plant was parented.They rarely flower when grown as indoor plants.

Common name(s): Devil’s vine, hunter’s robe, money plant, silver vine, devil’s ivy, pothos, ivy arum, money plant, taro vine, Solomon Islands ivy
Flower colours: Greenish-colored spathe
Bloom time: Bloom in early to mid-summer
Max reachable height: Up to 20 m
Difficulty to grow: Very easy to grow

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Scientific name

Evergreen Vine


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