Money Plant -Golden

Evergreen Vine

Money Plant N joy is the most popular houseplants in India. It is also called as devil’s vine because it’s impossible to kill. This hardy indoor plant with variegated leaves is often used as an ornamental plant in shopping centres, offices, and mainly because it requires little care and is also very attractive. This Money plant variant is efficient in removing indoor pollutants and is believed to bring good luck & prosperity.



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Money Plant -Golden
5 inch Grower Round Plastic Pot (Black)

Description for Money Plant golden
Plant height: 1.5 – 3 inches
Plant spread: 4 – 8 inches
Money plants are very easy to grow, both in soil and water filled bottles, jars, and any container. Money plant care is quite easy and needs no expertise. It is believed that money plant brings good luck, prosperity, happiness and wealth. You can grow this as an indoor or outdoor plant.

Money plant has large, glossy, heart-shaped leaves of green marbled with cream colored. It required training up a totem pole or grow in a hanging basket. Also, you can decorate the pot to best display its attractive foliage. The leathery, shiny-surface, heart-shaped leaves are arranged alternately.

Common name(s): Money plant
Flower colours: NA
Bloom time: NA
Max reachable height: Up to 20 m
Difficulty to grow: Easy to grow

Additional information

Scientific name

Evergreen Vine


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