Calathea Corona


In its native range, the large and tough leaves are popular for holding small items




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Calathea Corona Plant
10 inch Grower Round Plastic Pot (White)

Description for Calathea Corona

Plant height: 5 – 8 inches
Plant spread:

Calathea zebra plants are natives of Brazil and their bright green leaves can be boldly striped in white, yellow or pink in a striking feather-like pattern that is sure to catch the eye.

Common name(s): Zebra plant.
Flower colours: 
Bloom time: 
Max reachable height: Upto 3 feet
Difficulty to grow: Easy.

Planting and care

Sunlight: Diffused light.
Soil: Holds moisture but is also well draining. A good potting mix consists of one part soil, two parts peat moss and two parts perlite.
Water: Regular small amounts of water during the growing seasons as soon as the surface starts to dry up.
Temperature: Temperatures above 55 degrees F. (13 degrees C.) to survive and temperatures around 70 degrees F. (21 degrees C.) to thrive.
Fertilizer: Fertilize occasionally with a half strength solution of liquid fertilizer.

Caring for Calathea Corona

    Wet feet is probably the major cause of failure when growing zebra indoor plants. A lack of water, however, will cause leaves to curl. Humidity is the next problem to be conquered when growing zebras indoors. Plants should be misted several times a week.

Typical uses of Calathea Corona

Special features:

Ornamental use: They are showpiece to any indoor garden.

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